Cookies Policy

Cookies? What are they?
Cookies are small files which are saved by your internet browser. These register information regarding user preferences, not your personal data.

What is their purpose?
These help to determine the utility and interests of the user on the website, allowing for a quicker and more efficient browse, eliminating the need of introducing the same information repeatedly.

What type of cookies exist?
There are two types of cookies that can be used:
Permanent Cookies - stored in the browser and used every time there is a new visit to the Criar Valor website. These are used to adapt the user’s website journey, allowing for a more personalised service.
Session Cookies - temporary files that remain in the browser until you leave the website. The information obtained by these cookies serve for the analysis of traffic patterns in the internet, allowing for the detection of bugs and offering a better browsing experience.

What type of Cookies do we use in the Criar Valor website?
Analytical Cookies - Used anonymously to generate and analyse statistics, in order to improve website functioning, more specifically via Google Analytics.
Functional Cookies - Saves user preferences in relation to the user’s website navigation. In this way it is not needed to reconfigure the website after every visit.
Tertiary Cookies - Measure the use of website applications and functionalities.
Necessary Cookies - Used for website browsing and the utilisation of applications. Without these cookies, the required services cannot be delivered.

How can you manage Cookies?
All web browsers allow for the user to accept, refuse or delete cookies, and even inform the user every time a cookie is received, precisely through the settings defined in the utilised browser. The user can configure these settings in the preferences menu of the browser.
In the meantime, by deactivating the use of cookies, you can prevent some online services to function correctly, partially or totally impacting the website browsing.